Well Hello Stranger

I know…I know it has been way to long since I have updated anything…like over 4 months, but I am going to try this again! ¬†I better include a recent photo, as you may have forgotten what I look like ūüôā ¬†This is me with one of my bestest who was visiting from Tampa. ¬†We were attending a charity event this summer:


I am going to start with sharing with you some meal prepping I did yesterday.  I made 2 recipes, one new and one an old favorite.

Starting with the new!

Mexi Spiced Beef and Veg Soup

1lb 93% lean grass fed ground beef

1 carton organic low sodium chicken broth

1 yellow onion

1 yellow squash

1 red bell pepper

1 orange bell pepper

4 carrots

1 can fire roasted diced tomatoes

4 cloves garlic

chili powder, cayenne, garlic powder, your fave seasoning

I started with browning the beef and onions in a little EVOO.  I then started added things beginning with garlic and ending with the broth.  I wanted everything to kind of simmer together.  You can use whatever veggies and seasonings you like, I just kind of threw this together.  I plan to serve it with this amazing KerryGold Grass Fed Dublin Cheese I got at Costco and some avocado.  It should be pretty tasty!

I also made an old fave but the lazy man’s version and that is my turkey bolognese with spaghetti squash. ¬†I also topped this with a little of the yummy cheese and also some red pepper flakes. ¬†It was lazy because I prefer to use fresh tomatoes, but they didn’t look that good at the store, so I used organic canned tomatoes. ¬†I also lost all my fresh herbs with the first freeze, so I had to use dried herbs as well. ¬†Obviously fresh herbs are preferred!

I browned some ground turkey breast with some onions and garlic in a little EVOO and added some stewed and diced tomatoes followed by lots of herbs and lit it all simmer together.  I almost cut my hand off slicing my squash and the baked it in the oven and scooped it all out.

Both of these meals will reheat well which is perfect for me, as my week is going to be pretty busy.

Here is a pic of the 2 together.  I got a little delete happy on my camera last night and all I saved was my instagram post(follow me at ieatcleankc on there as well)


Ok so now let’s catch up a bit on what I have been up to. ¬†No, I haven’t completely fallen off the healthy eating and fitness bandwagon, but I have been super busy…no excuses here, just always working on that balance between wanting to be really healthy and fit and wanting to eat out, drink, and not stress about things. ¬†Ya I know this is what everyone struggles with…

Anyways, since I last blogged I have traveled a lot…some for work and some for pleasure. ¬†I have been to Colorado, Philly, Tampa, Vegas, Louisville, Chicago and all over Missouri a couple of times(Springfield, Colombia, STL). ¬†The first 3 were for pleasure and the rest were work. ¬†I’ve been a little burnt out on the work travel lately, so I am excited that I do not(that I know of) have any overnight travel for work for the rest of the year! ¬†Should give me more time to cook and share my recipes with the world.

Besides working and traveling I have spent a lot of time running and working out. ¬†I signed up for my first half marathon, which is in March, but I haven’t really wanted to run so much lately. ¬†I decided that I will run at least a mile a day from Thanksgiving-New Year‘s and I am hoping to build my endurance back up and really get after it in Jan, as that will be 60 days. ¬†This fall I have ran 2 5k’s and one 8k, most recently running the Ward Parkway Thanksgiving Day 5k on Thursday AM. ¬†Here is a photo of me and a couple of the ladies who motivate me to want run:


I have really been enjoying my workouts at EnduraCamps, so I thought I’d share with you a few photos from there as well:

131 003 250 002

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Weekend and is enjoying the holiday season.

Until next time.



Shin Splits and Sweet potatoes

Whole 30 day 20! ¬†Which means in one week I will start incorporating foods back in…starting with dairy and in 2 weeks my brother is getting married! ¬†Pretty exciting stuff. ¬†This is definitely the first memorial day weekend in a long time that I haven’t drank, but I am ok with it. ¬†I really feel that beyond special occasions or situations, I can do this for the most part. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, I don’t plan to avoid alcohol forever. ¬†I like to drink! ¬†I just will be less likely to have just a drink here or there…I’m hoping my tolerance will be down a bit too, so I can get a buzz off 2-3 drinks. ¬†Working in the liquor biz for so many years, I have quite the tolerance(and the little belly I just can’t seem to lose).


As you can see from the title of this weeks post and the photo above with my ice packs, I have shin splits. ¬†I’m pretty pissed about it to be honest. ¬†I have a pretty tough, hilly 5k next week, and my 10k is only 3 weeks away. ¬†I got up this morning to go to a class at Endura, and my shins hurt going down my stairs(my booty is also extremely sore for Thursday’s class) so I decided to update my blog instead. ¬†Once I am done I plan to go to CityGym and try to do some elliptical and maybe some lifts with the upper body. ¬†I’m going to the local amusement park here today, World’s of Fun, so I will be walking around plenty. ¬†Just wish I could have gotten up and put in 3-4 miles…

Here is a photo of Thursdays EnduraCamp workout(the booty killer…ha):


I started the week out by gardening for the first time with goods I got on Mother’s Day. ¬†Looking forward to cooking some healthy, clean food with the herbs on the bottom. ¬†Lucky to have great people in my life to hook me up with beautiful things like this:


Monday I spent most of the day at a golf tournament. ¬†Thank goodness I brought food because there where hot dogs, candy bars, and unhealthy trail mix everywhere. ¬†Not to mention the bloody mary’s I was not discouraged from indulging in(I didn’t of course).

Here was my lunch and a snack(Applegates organic herbed turkey is what is with the egg):


For dinner this week I made a chicken recipe I found online. ¬†It was a little bit time consuming on the prep and a little mustard heavy, but the chicken was juicy and delicious. ¬†Here is a link to the recipe from Elana’s Pantry¬†http://www.elanaspantry.com/baked-mustard-lime-chicken/. ¬†I also made the butternut squash from week one again, and I think I may make it again this week since the¬†coconut milk is open and it tastes amazing. ¬†Plus they actually had organic squash at Natural Grocer’s. ¬†Last week I had to buy it at a conventional store.


I’ve been pretty obsessed with sweet potatoes lately. ¬†I made little breakfast sandwiches a few times this week, as well as a baked one for dinner on days I went to Endura in the evening. ¬†Here are a few sweet potato highlights for you:


Last night was really amazing out, so I decided to grill. ¬†I marinated some chicken breast in Tessamae’s BBQ sauce, a tossed red bell peppers and canned sliced pineapple in coconut oil, and I cut a sweet potato up into big wedges, blanched in water for about 10 minutes, rubbed with ghee, cinnamon, and chili powder and put them all on the grill.



Now off to the gym. ¬†I may not do much cardio cuz I’m so dang sore, but I plan on working my shoulders and tris pretty good. ¬†Probably some planks to, as we do a ton at Endura and my endurance kinda sucks. ¬†Nervous for the weigh-in and measurements next week, as I don’t want to be disappointed. ¬†I’ve worked really hard, and I’m proud of myself…so I guess that is all that really matters. ¬†Until next time.


The Local Pig (I can’t wait to eat their bacon)

Good morning!  Day 13 whole30 here, but I am not going to talk about what I ate, but I am to tell you about what I am going to eat.  There is a butcher shop here in KC called the Local Pig.  I highly recommend checking it out!  The neighborhood is a little sketchy, but I will be going back often regardless.

I mean how can you pass up a place that sends you home with a package like this:


How cute is that!  Anyways, this place is all about meat.  Everything in there is from local farms no more then 100 miles away.  They butcher their own meat, they make their own sausages, and I wanted to buy up about half the store.  

I have been reading up about grass-fed vs grass-finished beef. ¬†Apparently a lot of farmers use their own grain feed to fatten up the cows over the last few weeks, because grass fed cows just don’t have the fat that a lot of cuts of meat need to taste their best. ¬†As long as they use non-GMO feed I guess I am ok with it. ¬†This place had some strips that were grass-fed all the way, but the guy working the counter said it just that most of the guys in the shop don’t prefer it and they don’t often carry it. ¬†Interesting…

I have been searching for bacon that does not have any sugar in the cure and I just can’t find any here locally. ¬†I thought this place might be it, but I was wrong. ¬†Their bacon however looks amazing. ¬†Once I am done with the whole30 I am going to get me some of that. ¬†Speaking of the whole30…looks like I am going to make mine the whole27, as I am traveling for the final 3 days. ¬†I want to slowly bring things back into my diet, as recommended, and my main concern is dairy. ¬†I don’t want to get sick while traveling. ¬†Also my brothers wedding weekend starts 3 days after I am supposed to be done. ¬†I heard a story about a bride eating clean pre-wedding and then throwing up after eating her cake. ¬†I don’t want to be miserable all weekend, and I know I will be eating whatever is available/served to me. ¬†OK so back to the bacon. ¬†Check this stuff out:


As I mentioned above everything comes from a 100 mile radius, and they tell you where its from. ¬†I took a picture of the board that had where everything was from, but I can’t find it. ¬†Might post later.

I ended up buying breakfast sausage(which i just enjoyed with sweet potato hash and a fried local egg), a few different other sausages, campo lindo chicken tenders, and some farm fresh eggs that were $2 cheaper then I bought at the farmers market last weekend.(http://www.campolindofarms.com/index.html)  Here are all my goods in a basket before they but them in the box:


I used a verde chorizo with almonds sausage for dinner last night.  I sauteed it with bell peppers in a little coconut oil and served with a sweet potato, because I worked out before.  Not the prettiest pic ever but it tasted pretty good(the breakfast sausage was better!):


I am working on what to make this week but am thinking about some baked mustard lime chicken for dinners, and I will be using the things I bought at The Local Pig for breakfast and lunches.  I hope the weather is as nice where you are as it is in KC because it is perfect here today!  Until next time.