Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey

Hello Friends!!

The past week or so I have been working on getting up for early AM workouts.  By early I mean 5:30 am.  I have, and will continue to be, super busy with work, so I have better luck getting a good workout if I get it done and over with.  I also need to start adding miles into my training.  My running hasn’t been as frequent as I would like so far, I blame the Polar Vortex, which is only partly true.

Becky and I ran 7 on Sunday, which was great as it was about 50 degrees out.  Unfortunately, the hills gave me a very sore right calf, so I am nursing that at the moment.  Rolling, stretching, and ice haven’t seemed to help too much, so I think I am going to give it a few days before I get out on the road again.  I have continued taking classes in the meantime, but I know 8 miles Sunday will be a lot easier if I have ran more ahead of time.


Check out these super fresh from the farm eggs I bought at my gym!  How awesome is that?  One of the trainers brings them in.  I had 2 of them this morning after the gym.  One I was going to do over easy but the yolk was already broken so I scrambled it.  The other I put with 1/2 a banana and did a paleo pancake.  Oh and of course I had bacon.  I have really been loving me some bacon lately.  I know you are saying “who doesn’t love bacon?”  Well I didn’t for years.  I grew up in a Jewish household that did not eat pork.  Add that to the stereotypes that bacon is not good for you and voila!  No bacon for Sara for over 30 years of my life.  Thank goodness I came to my senses!  I always buy nitrate-free, thick cut, all natural bacon.  No junk allowed.  MMMMMM.Image

So my big cooking adventure this week was…..ZOODLES!  What are zoodles?  They are noodles made from zucchini.  My bro and SIL bought me a veggie spiraler for Chanukah, and I finally tried it out.  SOOOOO FUN!!!  My favorite part was the zucchini lollipops the spiraler left me with.  I sauteed it with EVOO, s and p, garlic and some italian seasoning.  Anyone who knows me knows I love spaghetti squash, but these are more noodly…if you know what I mean.   I feel there is a place in my life for booth zoodles and spaghetti squash.

Check out the zoodles and lollipops(ignore my counter top, I am a messy cook)!



I served this beautiful zoodles with Paleo Meatballs and marinara.  It’s pretty tasty but the meatballs where a lot of work and I had to add eggs and almond flour(calories) to hold them together.  I think next time I will just stick to meat sauce.  Oh by the way I subbed ground turkey for the pork.  Maybe next time I’ll try turkey sausage??!!

Here is the recipe I used and the finished product.  Best part is I now have a freezer full of meatballs, as this made about 40.


Have a great few weeks!   I am traveling through the end of the month, so I prob won’t have anything to share till then.  I leave you with this because I really liked it and it sums up a lot of things in life.


Until next time,



You’re a gym whore

“You’re a gym whore!”  That’s what Jenny Chronister said to me at The Foundry last Monday after our 5 mile run with our group “Sports Bras to Sports Bars.”  Thinking about it, I guess she is right.

I get bored easily with workouts, and I am constantly trying new things when it comes to fitness and this means new gyms as well.  This is why I love group fitness!  I can try different classes, and they are always varied in some way.   Over the past 6 months I have been a member at City Gym, EnduraCamps, I tried a class at Health House(I almost threw up), and I have taken yoga at 2 different studios plus free classes at LuluLemon.  Ok I get it…I am a bit of a gym whore.

One of the yoga classes was a hot flow yoga class at Core Energy Yoga in Overland Park, KS.  We did our Saturday long run and followed it up with a class and of course brunch.  Here is a pic of the RUNch crew post run(6 miles for me) and hot yoga.  I ate dang good after all of that…and by good I mean bad…well a lot.


I have made the decision to take a bit of a break from the classes at EnduraCamps and focus more on my running and trying to get in strength and a little yoga in as well.  We are less then 2 months from Little Rock(My first 1/2 marathon, so its a big deal for me).  I still want to go there, but I am scared I am going to get hurt doing to much and having 2 gym memberships is pricey.  Training is going good so far, thanks to my running buddies Becky, Kathi, and Nicole, and the rest of the RUNch peeps.  I am so lucky to have so many motivating people in my life.

So my diet was not the greatest over the holidays, but whose was…anyways I am back on track for the most part.  I am happy with that.


Not the prettiest photo ever, but I made some yummy butternut squash soup last week.  I baked and cut up and pureed some squash, I added lite coconut milk from TJ’s, chicken broth, ginger, and sage.  It was pretty tasty!  I ate it with some gluten free all natural chicken tenders(I forgot the brand, but I bought them at Target…shhh).


Ever heard of poundfit??  This is from there demo class at City Gym.   I was just playing around before class started.  Basically its like aerobics with drum sticks that you bang around to the beat while you get your cardio on.  It was pretty fun…also loud.  I’ll try it again for sure.


This not so pretty pic is actually delicious.  It is from PaleOMG, one of my favorite food bloggers.  It is her Lemon Artichoke Chicken Pesto Pasta(spaghetti squash).  It really does taste much better than this photo.  I need to get back to taking photos with my Canon and not my iPhone.  So lazy.  Check out her recipe here and see a much prettier and more appropriate photo.




I also made this Fritatta.  Recipe is from “It Starts with Food” but basically you cook up the meat and veg and add 9 eggs.  Once it is going on the stove you put it in the oven to bake till it puffs up.  Mine has bacon, bell peppers, onion, and basil.  It came out uneven as you can see but it is tasty.


That’s me skating…duh.  I went with my friend Anne and her 3 kids a week or so ago.  I guess its like riding a bike, as I got the hang of it, but I was not about to try to do the limbo.  Was fun seeing the kids progress throughout the day, despite the meltdowns that followed.  Definitely a fun afternoon!

I need some new recipes to try, so if anyone has any paleoish recipes let me know.  I promise to take better photos, as these are rather embarrassing!

Until next time,